After Biden Dodges Fox Interview, Trump Says Joe Would “Cry Mommy” If He Went Head To Head With Wallace

What’s Happening:

Last week, President Trump sat down with Chris Wallace for an intense, hour-long interview.

Wallace, who is no fan of Trump’s, fired some hard questions at the president.

Trump went toe-to-toe with the Fox News correspondent, answering the questions head-on.

It turns out, Wallace offered the same invitation to Joe Biden. But the Biden campaign refuses to let Joe be interviewed.

President Trump gave the blistering reason why:

President Donald Trump repeatedly trashed Joe Biden over his mental acuity and stamina during his big interview with Chris Wallace…

“Let Biden sit through an interview like this. He’ll be on the ground crying for mommy. He’ll say, ‘Mommy, mommy, please, take me home.’”

Chris Wallace has a reputation for asking hard questions to everyone.

In fact, he was the only debate host who, in 2016, had the guts to question Hillary Clinton over her leaked emails.

President Trump, who has criticized Wallace in the past, did not shy away from the interview.

You’d think Trump would have refused, because of what he’s said about Wallace. As it turns out, Trump gives everyone a fair shot.

And he answered Wallace’s tough questions, no problem.

So, why doesn’t Joe Biden show up for an interview?

Fox News is the #1 rated cable news channel in the country. If he wanted to reach millions of Americans, he’d go on Wallace’s show.

His campaign’s refusal to meet with Wallace says volumes all on its own. Biden might not be able to handle the tough kinds of questions Wallace would throw at him.

Recently, Biden was losing his temper with a local reporter. His campaign had to quickly cut the interview short, so Americans wouldn’t see Biden melt down.

How would the Democrat perform in front of Wallace?

More to the point, how is he going to perform during the 3 scheduled debates with Trump?

Biden is unwilling to be interviewed by Wallace for just an hour. How is he going to perform over the many hours of a live debate?

Or will his campaign back out of those as well?

Have you ever heard of a presidential campaign refusing to be interviewed… and winning?

Key Takeaways:

  • President Trump tackled tough questions during a Chris Wallace interview.
  • He criticized Joe Biden for refusing to appear for a similar interview with Wallace.
  • Biden’s campaign appears to be protecting Biden from heavy scrutiny.

Source: Mediaite

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