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COVID 19 – 5 bombshell studies the MSM won’t report !

Here are the latest reports about COVID-19 that public health officials, politicians, and the mainstream media won’t share.

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Weeks After Congress Appoints Wheelchair Republican – Democrats Are Trying To Get Cawthorn Thrown Out

What’s Happening:

In the aftermath of the 2020 Election, Democrats think they have leverage against Republicans.

It’s clear they are using the events of January 6 to attack conservatives, hoping to turn Americans against them.

Yet every Republican has denounced what happened, including a newcomer congressman: Madison Cawthorn.

Cawthorn is the youngest person to be elected to the House in 50 years. He is also a disabled American, after being paralyzed in a car accident.

Despite his example of rising above adversity, Democrats are trying to get him thrown out of Congress.

From Fox News:

Democratic leaders from North Carolina’s western-most district are calling for the expulsion of freshman Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn, alleging his “seditious behavior” helped incite the “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol last week…

“Mr. Cawthorn needs to be held accountable for his seditious behavior and for consequences resulting from said behavior,” reads the letter, which was obtained and published by The Mountaineer. “We will not tolerate misinformation, conspiracy theories, and lies from our Representatives.”

Using the events at the Capitol as an excuse, Democrats are trying to comb through Republicans’ statements and remarks for ammunition to attack.

They are taking comments and tweets out of context to claim Madison Cawthorn, among other Republicans, is guilty of “inciting violence.”

It’s a convenient argument, like “hate speech,” as you can’t definitively prove someone has incited others to do anything. But it’s clear Democrats are trying to capitalize on the event to create a new era of McCarthy-like persecution.

Democrats have been emboldened by social networks who have shut down President Trump and conservative accounts. Without proving anything, they silenced these Americans, claiming they violated their ill-defined and ever-changing rules.

It seems Democrats think they can ride that wave by making accusations against Republicans. Without due process or evidence, they think Pelosi has the power to eject a duly-elected congressman.

Is that what democracy has devolved into? A gang of angry leftists kicking out their rivals over made-up accusations?

Does the fact that Americans voted for this man mean anything to them? And where is the rest of the Republican Party to defend him?

Do you think Madison Cawthorn should be expelled?

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrats demand a new Republican congressman be thrown out.
  • They accuse him of “inciting violence” over statements made online.
  • They seek his “punishment” without due process and the rules of the House.

Source: Fox News

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Biden’s Cabinet Pick Could Be In Serious Trouble – He Paid His Girlfriend’s Consulting Firm Over $1M

When a new President selects his cabinet, each pick goes under the microscope. And when that happens, sometimes we discover possible issues that could haunt the incoming administration.

For example, Joe Biden has chosen Boston Mayor Marty Walsh to be the Secretary of Labor. On the surface, the Democrat mayor appears to be a relatively solid pick for the post.

But Walsh might not be as squeaky clean as Biden had hoped.

According to recent campaign filings, Walsh allegedly paid his girlfriend’s fundraising consulting firm over $1 million. That’s a significant sum and the Mayor might have to answer some tough questions.

It’s even more noteworthy because Walsh’s girlfriend, Lorrie Higgins, has been a fundraising consultant for the company since 2014.

Then there’s sheer amount of money changing hands in this scenario (via Fox News):

The payments account for more than half of LB Strategies’ political business since 2013.

Payments have steadily increased over the years, but since May 2019 the campaign’s account has paid the firm $14,650 each month. The last payment listed was Dec. 4, 2020.

For the record, Higgins’ work for Walsh in the consulting firm doesn’t violate campaign rules. But the cash amounts, combined with Walsh’s rising profile, may be cause for concern.

LB Strategies clearly isn’t a huge company, and when Walsh accounts for more than half of the company’s political business, it raises questions.

Furthermore, it’s interesting to note that Walsh raked in $2.7 million in fundraising in the year leading up to his reelection. At the start of January 2021, he had compiled over $6 million.

And with his girlfriend directly involved, people like University of Massachusetts – Boston professor Maurice Cunningham think it looks fishy:

It’s the kind of thing that voters are concerned about. It looks like nepotism in some form.

Political and financial ties will always be examined for high-ranking politicians. That goes double for members of a new President’s cabinet.

Right now, it appears Walsh might want to clear things up here — and his girlfriend might want to offer a few statements and explanations, too.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden’s pick for Secretary of Labor is Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.
  • Walsh evidently paid his girlfriend’s consulting firm over $1M since 2013. That’s more than half of the firm’s political business.
  • One Massachusetts professor said “it’s the kind of thing voters are concerned about” and it “looks like nepotism.”

Source: Fox News

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This INCREDIBLE National Anthem at the Army/Navy Game Is What…

This INCREDIBLE National Anthem at the Army/Navy Game Is What America Needs Right Now !!!

If your anthem does not hit you, if it does not irritate you, if it does not lift you to victory and success and if it does not make you stop and sing then your friend is in the wrong country !!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!

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